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Oct 3, 2012

Braun Introduces Series 5 Shaver

The new Braun Series 5 is an all-terrain shaver that comes with a full array of technical features that will enhance and improve shaving performance every day. The premium shaver is more powerful than its predecessor and boasts a number of unique and functional features.

The new Series 5 is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision. For precision it features the new FlexMotionTec technology; dynamic Micro- and Macro-Motion suspension technology that interacts with precision for significantly better skin contact even on difficult areas of the face, for efficient shaving with less skin pressure. Through this, the new Series 5 provides a smooth shave with less skin pressure, minimizing skin irritation even in problem areas.

Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5

For power, the new Braun Series 5’s PowerDrive mechanical transmission system ensures maximum cutting performance. Whilst the power motor delivers 20% more power and torque to allow constant high speed cutting even in difficult areas, the Series 5’s smart motor management controls the energy flow from the battery, maximizing the output. On top, the advanced Li-Ion technology provides +30% more energy for longer running times at a higher power level. The powerful rechargable battery gives up to 45 minutes of charge with a 1 hour charge time.

The advanced triple action cutting system combines twin blades and an integrated middle trimmer to create a closer, more comfortable shave. Braun’s patented UltraActiveLift system captures flat-lying hair in problem areas and features a unique oscillating middle trimmer that lifts and cuts hair for maximum smoothness in fewer strokes. Its two CrossHair blades capture even short and stubborn hairs growing in different directions for outstanding closeness that lasts.

For a fast and efficient shave, even on challenging contours of the face and neck, shift up a gear to Series 5 - it adapts to everything and gives in to nothing.

 The completely re-designed Intelligent Clean&Charge Station cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver at the touch of a button, killing 99.999% of bacteria in the process, whilst the cleaning fluid is accelerated by a turbine creating a jet stream that loosens stubble from the shaver and stores it in a special hair filter system in the cartridge.

Braun’s new Series 5 shaver is both robust and durable. Designed with a mixture of glossy and contrasting matte surfaces, its Formula 1-inspired monocoque technology and fibrereinforced materials, make the shaver both lightweight and durable. Its soft rubber and dots design ensures better ergonomic grip and is inspired by steering wheels, whilst its high tech membrane technology keeps the shaver dry and ensures the motor and battery remain cool during operation.  

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