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njp I say this literally every couple weeks or months but one thing i am never going back to post-pandemic is shaving without an electric razor. its going to be hard to kick the whole shaving outside thing too lol
Mr Mun Every time I use my beard trimmer it reminds me of the opening sound in One by Swedish House Mafia. Never mad about it //
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owa owa (derogatory) The sexual tension between me and an electric razor when i have exactly one bad hair day
Pamela Wilson Adult Down Syndrome Center: How to Shave with an Electric Razor "Tim and Jim discuss and demonstrate the basic steps for shaving with and cleaning an electric razor." Via the Adult Down Syndrome Center on FB
🔥Potluck Lauren🔥 2 days before our family vacation, Judah shaved a huge line down the middle of his hair with brad’s beard trimmer... ...he is now bald 😂😂
DeciTM My beard trimmer doesn’t let me grow out my beard beyond a certain length because it just gets caught in longer hairs and my beard is quite coarse due to being silver. Might be time to upgrade… Link me your favorite beard trimmers?
Momo 🦌 Pro tip: don’t wait months to get a replacement charger for your beard trimmer and end up being stuck with half your face with long hair and the other half with short hair
roy Today i had to tell my brother that you’re not supposed to use an electric razor with shaving cream 😮‍💨
Goygar Wahl Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Beard Trimmer, Model 9918-1601
Tory Aoi Ok, I know I'm not very mechanically inclined, but replacing the blades on an electric shaver should not feel like a puzzle! Not happy, I miss my old shaver. 😡
Beth Sam can’t find his beard trimmer and of course it’s my fault 😒🙄
NewsAsia Resuxi Beard Trimmer – Electric Trimmer with LCD Screen – Sharp Titanium Precision Blades – Cordless Men’s Hair Clippers with Built-in 1500mAh Battery – Smooth Clipping– 180 Minutes Working Time
Techni Review Mi corded & cordless waterproof Beard trimmer Unboxing & Review.
the riceball in your town 🍙 I was spacing out and my brother got near my head with an electric razor? I was so close to ending his life
Cynurrr Thank you, Next. Emz. Vibing to Ari while waiting for my electric razor to finish charging so I can shave before showering haha
GBNF David Hardie So my beard trimmer head broke as I was trimming, and fell doon the toilet pan, as it was flushing. How’s your Sunday? GBNF
NewsAsia Wahl Hair Clippers for Men, Colour Pro Cordless Combi Kit Head Shaver Men’s Hair Clippers with Beard Trimmer Men and Colour Coded Clipper Guides
Peter Cox Thanks for the clarification, new beard trimmer
{closed} Have any of yall used an electric razor
🥀 legit whats happening Lol when you are shaving your chest and stomach and you have so many stretch marks from depression induced weight gain that the electric razor cuts you and you start bleeding
f [holding an electric razor] all we have to lose are our sideburns!!!!
Priya Chand Experienced an electric shaver for the first time ever today. Either you all enjoy suffering or my scalp is very sensitive to tickling (Obviously it's the former)
Neon He lasted a week into summer before begging his mom to help him cut it all off because it was too much (the family lost an electric razor and 3 hairbrushes that day) he's happy with the way he looks now tho
DotLive ©Profile is a alive literature piece Since the hair dresser uses a electric razor to cut my hair in back, my scar will be visible everytime I cut my hair, but not visible when it has grown a little. So I will look ugly @ the back when I am fresh from the hairdresser, I guess. Scared for life,in more ways than one
Catboy Mechanic 🥺 I have no idea how to shave my face properly without cutting myself a million times and the electric razor cant even get half of it I have it here I'm about to just smear nair all over my face bruh
Shane Brown 5 blade For Men Electric Shaver Rechargeable Electric Razor+face brush+toothbrush+nose&beard trimmer+extra blade
Fiona 🏳️‍⚧️ Body hair seems to be thinning out quite a bit; some of the hairs on my torso are too fine for my electric razor now
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hashtag3 SHOPIDOX LTD Hashtag3 Electric Hair Clipper Rechargeable Beard Trimmer
Shane Brown Check out this product 😍 New XIAOMI MIJIA Portable Electric Shaver 😍 by Automizely Dropshipping starting at $68.55. Shop now 👉👉
Shobhit Kumar Mi Beard Trimmer 1C Unboxing Value for money best beard trimmer via @YouTube
WKRN News 2 The best electric razor for women
John Ottaway I've had the same model beard trimmer for maybe 10 years and it's what I use to shave my head It has an adjustable guard, from Grade 1 to Grade 8, depending on how far you extend it I was today yesrs old when I discovered the guard came off... Today I shave down to the skin
Tom (Taylor's Version) As I was opening the shutters at work somebody tried to sell me an emergency car battery thingy, a clearly used beard trimmer and now TV stick. Wonder who he burgled last night?
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Goygar Multifunction Electric Shaver Woman Razor Facial Body Hair Removal Leg Underarms Epilator Nose Eyebrow Trimmer
Shallow&Pedantic First picture, a unique care, that you know the name of thirty years after they stopped making them. Second picture, an electric shaver like all the rest of them.
Amazing info Best Corded Electric Shaver - List of The Best Corded Electric Shaver in 2021
co-counsel! 'Alright, Trucy P.I., please enlighten me. What do you think this switch does?' Hmm... Maybe it turns on the electric razor in Prosecutor Gavin's dressing room?
Martyn Schmoll I haven’t shaved with a blade for over a year. Electric razor on setting 1, sure, but not all the way... It’s been great.
stous Applying some aftershave despite using an electric razor and no shaving cream. That’s right boomers
Lei Uh oh an electric shaver got near my head again 😩😩😩😩
dani 💙 So i bought an electric razor two days ago and just shaved the back of my neck, i am free, i am ready for summer
Goygar Braun Shaver Series 3 3040s (Japanese Import) Electric Shaver, Wet and Dry Electric Razor for Men with Pop Up Precision Trimmer, Rechargeable and Cordless Shaver (Black/Blue)
Dr Winfrey 🇵🇸 Dear lord I need a beard trimmer
Dec The head of my electric razor literally exploded in my hand earlier shaving I nearly bricked it
Armstrong Pops Satchmo Van Lingle Mungo “Music to Shave By”, written as a Madison Avenue jingle for Remington’s Roll-a-Matic electric shaver on a 6” cardboard mini-LP bound into Life, the U.S.’s top illustrated weekly magazine on 8 December, 1959. Armstrong Pops Satchmo
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